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Category: Style

Road Trip Beauty Routine

Outdoor living, Southern Utah

Realities of living on the road – brushing your teeth outside with no water!  Southern Utah

With 4+ months of living out of a tiny teardrop camper with no bathroom, it’s a fair question – what is your beauty routine on the road?  This is a funny one for me to answer because I’ve never been great at making myself up in the first place.  Despite watching my mom do herself up beautifully each morning before work my entire childhood, I didn’t use a blow dryer or tweezers until well into my high school years and didn’t discover makeup until my besties in college used to make me up for fun.  I just never really had much of an interest in it.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve started to wear some mascara, blush and eyeliner and make sure my hair looks decent before popping out the door for work or socializing with friends.  I’ve never been a makeup-to-the-gym kind of girl, but aside from working out, I do usually make myself up a little bit before I leave the house.  So – beauty routine on an extended road trip?!

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TinyHouse | Portland, Oregon

TinyHouse, Portland, Oregon

TinyHouses are all the rage these days, and so we jumped on the bandwagon!  And LOVED IT!  You guys sure loved the Instagram photo of the TinyHouse we rented in Portland, Oregon, too.  It is my most loved, most appreciated photo so far.  And by popular demand, in fact, very demanding demand, here’s a post about our experience staying in the TinyHouse in Portland.

TinyHouse Interior, Portland, Oregon

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The Pursuit of Style: Boat Coverup

The end of summer and beginning of fall are the perfect time to stock up on finds for any upcoming beach or warm weather holidays, or if you happen to be lucky enough to live in a place that is summertime all year long!  I have had my eye on this coverup for ages and then it went on sale recently so I snatched it up.  It’s made of terrycloth and has a tie back, perfect for a cooler morning out on the boat or lounging by the ocean for happy hour at sunset!

Bon Voyage! 


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